Jogani Reinforcement, India’s leading polyfibre manufacturer, is expanding its presence in the USA amidst of the pandemic

Jogani Reinforcement

Jogani Reinforcement, a home-grown brand, has been a global leader in the export of poly fibres to the United States of America, Singapore, and Canada. After successfully operating in India, Singapore, the United States of America, Canada, and other developed nations throughout the pandemic, Jogani Reinforcement is optimistic about continuing their journey by expanding globally. They are currently establishing an office in Florida in order to gain significant control over the thriving global market. Their patented poly fibre has already received international recognition as the primary material in the majority of the world’s most renowned architectural structures. Now, with the global takeover complete, Jogani Reinforcement is confident in establishing a global presence.

Jogani Reinforcement is a subsidiary of a highly diversified business group led by Mahesh Kumar. The company has extensive expertise and years of experience in the development of engineering fibres and fabrics. These special grade fibres are used globally by leading companies such as L&T, ACC, and Ultratech in a variety of construction projects to provide tensile reinforcement and crack control. With these fibres, you can ensure the structures’ longevity while also increasing their durability. Additionally, the company is certified to ISO 9001 for its quality management system and to ISO 14001 for its environmental management system. Additionally, the fibres are manufactured in accordance with ASTM C 1116 of the American Quality Standards. Thus, it demonstrates the level of quality assurance associated with the company’s products.

Jogani Reinforcement has successfully altered the landscape by developing a method for resolving common infrastructural issues found in any concrete structure through the use of their high-quality synthetic poly-fibre. From roads to real estate, the company has bolstered our nation’s infrastructure to help it reach the pinnacle of its development curve.

However, the question now is why these reinforcement fibres are so remarkable. To understand why, it’s necessary to first understand the function of these synthetic fibres in any structure. To begin, it’s worth noting the versatility of these synthetic fibres. These products work well with RCC, PQC, PCC, Mortar, FRC, Short Crete, Plaster, Cement Articles, and Precast structures and applications. When the fibre is evenly distributed throughout the cement or aggregate mixture, tensile reinforcement is added. As a result, it improves the ductility of the concrete or mortar. Additionally, the microscopic fibres provide support in multiple dimensions to the concrete or mortar, thereby providing MSR-Micro Secondary Reinforcement. The secondary reinforcement at the microscopic level makes the structure more resistant to abrasion and shattering. Additionally, it aids in the elimination of rebound losses, wear, and significantly reduces the propagation of cracks.

Because the fibres significantly reduce rebound loss, you can significantly reduce labour and material costs. In other words, by utilising these synthetic poly-fibres from Jogani Reinforcement, you can significantly reduce construction costs while significantly improving construction quality. However, fibres perform additional functions! These fibres significantly improve concrete’s flexural toughness, impact strength, and tensile strength. Jogani Reinforcement engineered these fibres to effectively reduce the tendency of mortar or concrete to crack during thermal expansion and contraction. Additionally, the fibres protect the corners and sharp edges of plasters, particularly during the plastic stage. In conclusion, fibres are advantageous in PQC and a variety of other high-level constructions.

The synthetic fibres developed by Jogani Reinforcement have a high tensile strength and a high dispersion. These fibres are transforming the way cracks are controlled in all types of construction, enabling India’s leading construction companies to build stronger, more durable structures. With its innovative products, Jogani Reinforcement hopes to contribute to the country’s better and stronger future.

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