JEE MAIN 2021 Exams dates have been announced finally. Tips to score 250+ in exam in last 15 days


After a lengthy wait and considerable speculation, the Union Education Minister has finally announced the dates for the upcoming JEE (MAIN) sessions.

According to the announcement, the final JEE (MAIN) session will take place in July and August. The third session will run from July 20 to July 25, while the fourth will run from July 27 to August 2.

Pokhriyal also announced the second round of registrations for students who were unable to register during the first round. The third session registration window will open tonight and close on July 8, while the fourth session, which is also the final session, will be held from July 9 to 12.

With only 15 days left until JEE (MAIN) 2021, it’s time to determine the best strategies and work on honing them.

It is also critical for you to understand the paper pattern and question type trends in the 15 days remaining until the third session of JEE (MAIN) 2021.

Here are two books that can assist you in preparing for the exam:

1) Solved Papers for Oswaal JEE (MAIN)

These books for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology contain JEE (MAIN) exam question papers with solutions for 2019 and 2020. To aid in learning, these are presented Chapter-by-Chapter and Topic-by-Topic.

Additionally, there are Revision Notes, Concept Videos, Frequently Made Errors, and Mind Maps available for quick and steady revision.

Here’s the recommended link for JEE MAIN Previous Years Solved Question Papers :

2) Mock Test for Oswaal JEE (MAIN), 15 Sample Question Papers for the 2021 Exams

This book will assist you in refining your strategy. 15 Sample Papers and 15 Days remaining; therefore, attempt to solve one Sample Paper each day. This will instil confidence in you and acquaint you with the paper pattern. Additionally, you may ascertain the questions with which you are most comfortable for D-Day.

What else is included in this book for you?

Mnemonics to aid retention, QR Codes to access online content, and Subjective Analysis to assist you in staying current with the paper pattern.

Here’s the recommended link for JEE MAIN Mock Test Sample Papers 2021:

Ending Note:

Although it’s important to have concept clarity & extensive practice to ace the exam, it’s equally important to remain calm & composed. Your temperament is really very important on the exam day. We would suggest you to mediate every day. Meditation will calm your mind & give you a sense of clarity.

So, we wish you Best of luck & good health for JEE (MAIN) 2021

source: ANI via  Oswaal Books

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