Governor of Florida has declared a state of emergency for South Florida as tropical storm Elsa nears

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has declared a state of emergency for South Florida as tropical storm Elsa nears. “Elsa is a powerful tropical storm that is on track to make landfall in Florida on Monday. Florida is collaborating with local officials to secure the Surfside [condo collapse] site safely in advance of the storm “DeSantis stated Saturday on Twitter. Elsa, this year’s Atlantic hurricane season’s first hurricane, was downgraded to a tropical storm earlier in the day.

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“Governor Ron DeSantis issued Executive Order 21-150 today, declaring a state of emergency in 15 counties that could be impacted by Tropical Storm Elsa. The Governor is urging Floridians in the state’s southern region to begin preparing for potential impacts as early as Monday, including heavy rain, flooding, and a possible storm surge “According to an official statement posted on the governor’s website.

The state government warned that tropical storm Elsa’s severity and track remained unknown.

“While we continue to provide resources to assist the Surfside response, the Florida Keys and portions of southern Florida will begin to feel the effects of Elsa as early as Monday. All Floridians who may be in the path of this storm should brace themselves for the possibility of isolated tornadoes, storm surge, torrential rain, and flash flooding “DeSantis issued a cautionary statement on Saturday.

Elsa is expected to slow down late Saturday and move near Jamaica and portions of eastern Cuba on Sunday, according to the US National Hurricane Center.

source: ANI

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