G G Engineering Ltd. launches of a new product line, the EV Charging Station

G G Engineering Ltd. (BSE: 540614), a company listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, has announced the launch of a new product line, the EV Charging Station. To diversify its product offering, the company has developed an EV Charging station with capacities ranging from 3 KW to 22 KW.

The company will begin manufacturing EV charging stations in the coming months. These stations will be used to charge two-wheeler, three-wheeler, and four-wheeler vehicles. In three months, the production and distribution networks will begin.

The finished product will be entirely “Made in India.” The product will increase the Government of India’s and state governments’ awareness and focus on the use of clean energy and efficiently reducing their reliance on fossil fuels, thereby increasing demand for these products and allowing the company to carve a niche in the segment.

The Company recently began manufacturing GG ECO, a fully automated system for managing Wet/Organic/Food/Garden Waste in any location. GGE launched India’s first fully automated and smart RVMs in response to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

G G Engineering has already been awarded a contract by the western railway to instal RVMs with advertising rights across stations. Additionally, the company entered into an agreement with Panasonic India Pvt. Ltd. earlier this year. Panasonic India Pvt. Ltd. will market and procure advertisements for G G Engineering Ltd.’s plastic bottle crushing machines.

source: ANI

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