Elenium Automation launches Voyager, a Covid recovery program to support aviation industry


Elenium Automation, a global leader in passenger processing and security technology solutions for airports and airlines, has announced a new USD 200 million programme to assist airports and airlines in upgrading their technology in order to make travel more seamless, touchless, and ready for a post-Covid recovery.

The new ‘VYGR’ (short for Voyager) programme will allow airports and airlines to use the most up-to-date self-service technologies to transport passengers faster and safer without having to invest in new infrastructure.

The airline industry has a rare chance to modernise its infrastructure and provide a seamless and safe passenger experience, restoring confidence to travellers affected by the global pandemic.

The USD 200 million program’s goal is to reduce the financial risk of installing such technology at an unpredictable period by using a consumption-based model that charges only for what is used.

Elenium’s goods and services make travelling through airports a breeze. Elenium allows passengers to stroll into the terminal, drop off their bag, and proceed to the lounge or boarding gate without touching a boarding pass, bag tag, or screen thanks to biometrics, telepresence, and touchless technologies.

Automating the passenger trip has a lot of advantages. An airport can reduce check-in space by half, freeing up more room for important retail. Travelers will spend less time waiting in lines, and operational costs will be reduced.

Avalon Airport’s CEO, Justin Giddings, stated: “It’s all about minimising congestion in the check-in area for [Voyager]. It has made a significant amount of space available. Simply by installing these products, we’ve probably increased our capacity at the check-in area.”

The VYGR consumption model was created with the goal of safeguarding and accelerating the aviation sector. It not only eliminates financial risk during a difficult time, but it also reimburses money if the technology’s cost is repaid sooner. As a result, airports and airlines are protected from both the downside and the upside. Airports and airlines will have more choice in how they invest their scarce capital.

Elenium’s CEO, Aaron Hornlimann, stated, “VYGR allows the aviation sector to introduce new technology without worrying about the upfront costs, as well as manage the risk of operational disruptions caused by pandemics or severe weather. They simply have to pay for it when they actually utilise it.”

“We must update our airports immediately in order to help the industry’s resurgence with efficient, touchless, and confidence-building technology. By addressing capital constraints, VYGR removes a stumbling block “he continued.

The VYGR line of goods for the aviation sector from Elenium isn’t just for big cities. Regional airports can employ the end-to-end airport passenger processing suite without the complicated IT systems that typically limit the use of automation. From Queenstown, New Zealand, to Bangalore, India, and Avalon, Australia, to Hong Kong International Airport and Abu Dhabi, Elenium’s products may be found in airports of all sizes.

For more information, please visit www.elenium.com


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