CAB has taken action against 65 players who were identified with disputed documents during verification

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The Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) has taken stern action against 65 players who were identified with disputed documents during the document verification process.

The matter was brought before the Apex Council in an emergency meeting presided over by CAB President Avishek Dalmiya and attended by Hony Secretary Snehashis Ganguly and other office bearers. The council endorsed the association’s efforts in this area.

According to CAB, 45 players have been barred from further participation pending resolution of the disputes. The matter has been referred to the Ombudsman, and additional stringent measures are being implemented to ensure that the system is foolproof.

“The players will be given an opportunity to present their case to the Ombudsman. Additionally, the CAB intended to create a unique biometric code for each player “CAB has issued a statement.

“We previously stated that there would be no tolerance for document fraud. Following an exhaustive investigation by the Age Verification Cell established for this purpose, 65 players were discovered to be in possession of disputed documents. Prior to the start of the next season, another round of verification will be conducted “Avishek Dalmiya stated.

“We will not tolerate any form of disputed documents. We have put in place detailed measures to thwart any such attempt. Additional measures are being considered, and the system is being closely monitored to prevent future frauds. Strict penalties will be meted out to those found guilty “Snehashis Ganguly stated.

Additionally, the CAB President proposed a room at the clubhouse for former Bengal players, which was unanimously accepted.

“The players sacrifice their blood and sweat for Bengal, and it is only right that they have their own room in the clubhouse,” Dalmiya stated.

On the ground floor, a room for former Office Bearers and a reception were also proposed and accepted.

Additionally, the Council unanimously approved CAB’s proposal that all players over the age of 18 be vaccinated prior to the start of the season.

CAB stated that it would also closely monitor the state’s directive to vaccinate those under the age of 18 against COVID-19 and would inoculate age group cricketers as soon as the process began.

The council also approved the proposal to prepare all major grounds, including Eden Gardens, JU Salt Lake Campus, and Bengal Cricket Academy in Kalyani, in light of the BCCI’s recent release of domestic cricket guidelines.

“We are preparing all the grounds on a war footing in accordance with the BCCI calendar and also in order to begin our local cricket as soon as possible while adhering to all new normal protocols,” Ganguly said.

Additionally, it was informed that progress had been made on the Dumurjola State-of-the-Art Cricket Facility and that the appointment of all-new coaching staff had been ratified.

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