Business Mint’s Nationwide Design and Architecture Awards – 2021 recognises the best designers, architects across India

Nationwide Design and Architecture Awards - 2021

Business Mint’s Nationwide Design and Architecture Awards – 2021 is an annual juried competition that recognises and rewards the best designers, architects, and design-oriented organisations across India.

The Nationwide Design and Architecture Awards – 2021 were established to increase public awareness and appreciation of high-quality architectural design across the country. The award recognises outstanding work in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, and architectural product design.

The Business Mint’s annual honours are intended to recognise the most deserving individuals in India, particularly in light of the country’s difficult economic climate. Business Mint conducts a thorough analysis of the business and a thorough examination of the most amazing aspects of the best as far as design experts are concerned.

These awards are a tremendous accomplishment, with over 700 nominations from a variety of architecture and design disciplines, from established and emerging firms. After selecting the most innovative and forward-thinking nominees, there were over 25 winners across several distinct categories.

These awards will serve as a small token of appreciation for those who work to ensure the general public’s fair treatment. Celebrating Architecture and Design in a competitive, hyped, and largely unorganised industry will serve as a model for others to emulate.

The honours have a high degree of credibility because they are entirely merit-based and are announced following an exhaustive selection process, research, and expert opinion. Business Mint – India’s Best Market Research Company – considered and initiated the Nationwide Design and Architecture Awards – 2021, one of India’s most prestigious honours.

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The following is a list of the winners of the “Nationwide Design and Architecture Awards – 2021.”

  • Live Fabulous – 2021, Gurgaon’s Most Promising Interior Design Firm
  • DZINE BUILDERS AND INTERIORS PVT LTD – 2021, Kerala’s Best Emerging Architecture, Interior Design, and Construction Firm
  • BVM INTSOL – 2021, Pune’s Most Promising Interior Design Studio
  • THOUGHTFULNATIVES – 2021, Kerala’s Most Promising Architecture Firm
  • Firdaus Shroff Sports Consultants – Best Emerging Company – 2021, Designing/Consulting Sports Facilities, Tracks & Courts
  • Homes for India Pvt Ltd – South India’s Most Promising Architecture and Interior Design Firm – 2021
  • Neils Posse – 2021 Best Emerging Brand, Rugs and Furniture
  • Dilip Mevada & Associates – 2021, Mumbai – Excellence in Interior Design and Architecture (Commercial)
  • D Spaces – Emerging Architects & Interior Design Firm – Hyderabad, 2021
  • A+A Design and Execution – Tamil Nadu’s Most Promising Architecture Firm – 2021
  • Divya Handa Designs – Interior Design Consultation Excellence – 2021, Delhi NCR
  • SR Creations – Bangalore’s Best Emerging Architecture and Interior Design Firm – 2021
  • Krivan Koncepts – 2021, Hyderabad’s Most Promising Architecture & Interior Design Firm
  • Riya’s Maker Studio – Mumbai’s Most Promising Interior Design Consultancy Firm – 2021
  • Studio Nirmaan Interior Architects – Mumbai’s Leading Interior Design Firm – 2021
  • Studio 2+2 – Ahmedabad’s Best Emerging Architecture and Interior Design Firm – 2021
  • Chintal Design Studio – Gujarat’s Leading Architectural and Interior Design Firm – 2021
  • MAANICCA DECO LLP – 2021’s Most Promising Emerging Home Decor Brand
  • Deco-Arte – Delhi NCR’s Most Prominent Interior Design Firm – 2021
  • Design Walls – Wallpaper Manufacturer of the Year – 2021
  • Eyrie & Associes – 2021, Hyderabad – Emerging Architecture, Interior Design, and Construction Firm
  • Fabdiz – Interior Design Studio – Karnataka’s Most Promising Interior Design Firm – 2021
  • Serene Designs and Consultants Pvt Ltd – MEP Design Category Promising Company of the Year – 2021
  • Design Box – Emerging Interior & Architecture Design Firm in Noida – 2021
  • Maksh Architects – 2021, Hosur, Best Emerging Architecture & Interior Design Firm
  • KA SCHOOL OF DESIGN – Design Category, Best Emerging Educational Institute – 2021
  • PDP Architects – Architecture & Interior Design Firm – Mumbai, Maharashtra – 2021
  • Abin Sam Architects – New Delhi’s Best Emerging Urban Design Firm – 2021
  • Prashant Parmar Architect | Shayona Consultant – 2021, Ahmedabad, Excellence In Residential Architecture & Interior Design

“We are excited about recognising and celebrating design and architectural excellence worldwide,” says Vinay Kanth Korapati, founder of Business Mint. We anticipate that these awards will highlight the country’s generally innovative and visionary architecture, as well as its expert practitioners.

These honours recognise the innovations, dedication to client service, and sheer dedication of some of the world’s most renowned industry experts and pioneers in their fields. We are honoured to honour the Nationwide Design and Architecture Awards – 2021 and hope to continue honouring those who qualify in this category each year.

These awards establish a benchmark for evaluating and promoting design excellence on a global scale. These effective tasks demonstrate the best visionary and innovative thinking in the world, as well as the brilliance of execution by global design practises, designers, and clients.

source: ANI/PNN

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