AIBA decided to increase the number of weight divisions available to men and women boxers

The International Boxing Association (AIBA) has decided to expand the number of weight divisions available to men and women boxers, claiming that this will allow a larger pool of boxers to compete in divisions where they feel “strongest and most comfortable.”

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The weight categories for men will increase from ten (10) to thirteen (13), while the weight categories for women will increase from ten (10) to twelve (12). (12). The new weight classifications will take effect on August 1.

“We are pleased to inform you that the AIBA Board of Directors voted in favour of amending the weight classes for youth and elite boxers at all AIBA competitions following extensive consultation with stakeholders in men’s and women’s boxing, including the Competition Committee, the Women’s Committee, and our national federations,” AIBA stated in a letter to all National Federations.

“This step, we believe, will enable a larger pool of boxers to compete in the weight categories in which they are strongest and most comfortable. This innovation will aid in the development of boxing from grassroots to elite levels “Additionally, the letter stated.

The changes have been made to ensure boxers’ safety by facilitating weight management and creating a more level playing field. Men’s minimum weight has been lowered from 49kg to 48kg. The spread between the first five categories is 3kg, between the fifth and seventh categories is 3.5kg, between the seventh and ninth categories is 4kg, between the ninth and tenth categories is 5kg, and between the tenth and twelfth categories is 6kg. The super heavyweight division begins at 92kg and has no weight limits.

Women’s minimum weight remains unchanged at 48kg. However, the difference in weight between the first four weight categories has been reduced to 2kg. Between the fourth and eighth, it is 3kg, between the eighth and ninth, it is 4kg, between the ninth and tenth, it is 5kg, and between the tenth and eleventh, it is 6kg. The heavyweight division remains unchanged at +81kg.

AIBA President Umar Kremlev has expressed his unequivocal support for this decision, which comes as AIBA’s entire competition structure is undergoing reform.

source: ANI

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