Vantage Fit is a one-stop shop for businesses seeking to ensure employee wellness

Recently, corporations have placed a high premium on various employee wellness strategies with the sole objective of ensuring employee well-being. With this in mind, numerous wellness technology solutions are emerging to meet the demand for corporate health initiatives. As human resource management evolves, the need for progressive information technology in employee wellbeing grows.
The appropriate technology and approach are required to manage wellness programmes in the workplace without requiring extensive IT support. Today’s human resource professionals are on the lookout for ways to promote healthy lifestyles among their employees. While doing so, they should provide the latter with a sufficient platform to motivate themselves to stay fit. As, ultimately, motivation must come from within.

Apart from other technological advancements, going digital, even in the realm of wellness, is critical during these unfortunate times of global pandemic, especially when the majority of employees work remotely. As is commonly understood, wellness technology conjures up images of wearable technology or smartphone health tracking applications. Additionally, at the nexus of technology and well-being, overall health appears to improve.

Corporate health and wellness platforms enable employers to gain a holistic view of their employees’ health by allowing them to access their wellbeing status through a single convenient platform. The potential is enormous, and the benefits of health technology are difficult to overlook. As previously stated, working from home is the new trend, and it’s only a matter of time before collaborating with artificial intelligence becomes commonplace.

Today’s consumers desire flexibility in terms of fitness and wellness, which is ideal for remote workers. Thus, by putting all health services on a digital platform, they become easily accessible to employees working from home or the office, as there is no location constraint. As a result, the entire workforce remains engaged and connected.

We have moulded health management into adopting a new approach to employee health through Vantage Fit, our comprehensive corporate wellness platform. Our primary objective is to create a globally active and healthy workforce. Wellness programmes delivered via digital platforms are increasingly popular these days. And Vantage Fit accomplishes precisely that.

It includes a variety of unique real-time features, each of which is designed to help you achieve the fitness goal you’ve set for yourself. Employees can use this corporate wellness platform to sync their daily steps if they are wearing a step tracker. Additionally, the availability of a nutrition tracker enables one to log daily meals, track calorie intake, and protein intake, among other things. Simultaneously, the heart rate monitor assists in monitoring the heart rate.

Our wellness platform’s advanced features help employees develop a sense of self-awareness by allowing them to track their health status(es) and become more aware. The aforementioned features enable organisations to monitor their employees’ health by hosting team-building events such as fitness competitions and challenges. These events have the potential to revolutionise employee wellness journeys. These contests set specific goals for employees to meet in terms of steps, calories, and water consumption, among other things. Attaining those goals qualifies them for incentives such as fitness rewards or digital money.

Additionally, employees can track their progress through those challenges by utilising the available leaderboard. The more information they have, the more effectively they can work on it. As a result, the comprehensive process and immediate incentivization keep employees engaged and motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Apart from health campaigns, Vantage Fit allows employees to track other physical activities such as yoga, swimming, and aerobics. Overall, it increases workforce awareness of health issues. Vantage Fit is a one-stop shop for businesses seeking to ensure employee wellness. We have successfully expanded our reach to companies in over 26 countries, with notable clients including RBS, IIM Ranchi, ESAF, and IDB.

Even the most recent event, the Global Corporate Virtual Walkathon 2021, was a resounding success. It drew over 3600 participants from 24 countries worldwide. Thus, employers use Vantage Fit to primarily incentivize employees to live a healthy lifestyle by tracking and analysing their daily physical activities in real time.

source: ANI

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