Unleash the Inner U: A transformation coaching programme

Unleash the Inner U” is a transformation coaching programme focused on the drastic transformation of one’s life. Started by the transformation coach Himanshu Shekhar from today’s time, the programme takes us on a journey of highest self-realization. The programme has a life-changing effect on individuals. Unleash the Inner U is a unique programme that helps people to unravel their own mysteries. Everyone between the ages of 25 and 50 may choose this programme.

The aim of this programme is to shift from chaos to clear thinking. The aim of this programme is also to recognise the wider picture of life, realise individual forces, articulate strategies to achieve success and to identify and to reach milestones. The process of this programme helps to define the purpose of life, identify personality characteristics of the participant and overcome obstacles in life.

Deep self-knowledge will guide people to their goals with maximum certainty. In an unconscious state they live a half-life and a life full of fear, pain, etc. For example, only 2 per cent of the population have been affected by the pandemic, while the rest 98 per cent are affected by fear. Himanshu Shekhar explains the situation that it’s a lack of emotional, mental and spiritual strength. Immunity is the second most sought-after word in this pandemic. People nowadays don’t leave a stone unturned, but don’t do anything for their mental immunity which is important for building overall immunity and health.

The strength and faith of the human mind are unmeasurable. Nobody can stop them if they are trained to direct their inner energy to their goals. But realisation is the only thing that human beings lack. They don’t realise their true potential and value and thus always live a difficult, mediocre life.

Himanshu Shekhar, a well-known transformation coach, has shed light on his journey and what can be expected of his latest, “Unleash the inner U.” Shekhar Himanshu says, “The Unleash the Inner U programme is not a temporary gig. It not only helps people to create their own desired life, it also helps them to understand themselves in this vast universe. Human beings are not only bodies, but energies with the ability to achieve everything we can think of. Our feelings, thoughts, convictions and faith shape our true identity. I have struggled and I have finally managed to rise above all else that I have learnt outside universities and colleges. I try to instil in people what they are capable of that lost faith, realisation and faith. It is high time that people begin to nurture their minds in terms of possibilities and statements. I advise you to make the best use of this power and to make a life of dreams.”

Himanshu Shekhar has extensive experience with life transformation and can guide people through the labyrinths of life’s difficulties. He is a leading consultant with more than 21 years of experience. After more than a decade in the corporate world, he acted as a consultant in 2008, and has consultancy with clients like Amdocs, Zensar Technologies, Atlas Copco, Bharti Axa, Kotak Life, Barclays, videocon, NICE, SEW Eurodrive, Dassault Systems and Sula Vineyards across different industries such as manufacturing, BFSI, IT and ITES.

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source: ANI via SRV Media

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