SignCatch partners ePayLater to enable B2B credit for small retailers: Bech.App


SignCatch, the technology start-up founded by serial entrepreneurs Sumit Duggal and Saurabh Dwivedi, has been synonymous with some of the most disruptive and game-changing products in the FinTech and RetailTech space, including the Axis-SC Self Checkout Stores and the NDMC Smart Bill Pay solution, to name a few. SignCatch recently launched another game-changing SMB retail product, Bech. A smartphone application that enables a low-tech small retail store owner to acquire the omnichannel technology capabilities and financial efficiency of organised retail.

At a time when neighbourhood retail stores have become a lifeline for everyone in India, two disruptive start-ups, SignCatch and ePayLater, have partnered to bring the next generation of digital retail and credit solutions to India’s US $800 billion SMB retail market by putting your friendly neighbourhood store’s financial and technological capabilities on hyperdrive.

ePayLater was a pioneer in introducing simple credit solutions (for example, India’s first UPI-based credit) and has been resolving the issue of credit access to retail establishments through the use of its proprietary platform. The platform enables shops to obtain a credit line of up to INR 25 lakh through a completely digital and seamless process that takes less than ten minutes! ePayLater now operates in approximately 500 districts and is growing at a rate of 20% month over month.

Aurko Bhattacharya, co-founder of ePayLater, stated about the partnership, “India is home to 14 million Kirana stores, which generate an estimated revenue of over 35 lakh crores and account for the lion’s share of consumer retail in the country. Interestingly, while credit accounts for the majority of business, the majority of credit is informal and unstructured. We empower the entire supply chain at ePayLater by eliminating financial risk and enabling faster inventory churns.”

Bech.App was launched as a multi-tool “Super-App” for small retailers,” explained SignCatch’s Founders. “The app combines all of the digital services required by a small retail store into a single mobile application, bringing these stores up to speed with the latest trends, cutting-edge technology, and seamless supply chain experience that are typically reserved for large e-commerce and supermart operators, putting your friendly neighbourhood stores on par with the best.”

SignCatch enables a 360-degree digitization of your neighbourhood stores through Bech.App, whether it’s supply chain automation or access to digital credit and payments. The company, which already works with hundreds of small kirana stores through partnerships with Walmart and Axis Bank, now intends to broaden its scope by incorporating multiple store categories such as pharmacies, fashion, electronics, and mobile.

By combining the numerous advantages of online businesses with the locational advantages of offline businesses, Bech.App powers your neighbourhood retail store, providing you with the deals and digital experience that Amazon, Big Basket, Grofers, or Reliance Fresh offer, but without sacrificing the personal touch that your neighbourhood store provides.

Not only that, Bech.App will enable these stores to digitally access strategic promotional programmes from a variety of brands and distributors, as well as seamless product discovery and access to a master catalogue that serves as a centralised source for product management for both in-store and online transactions.

Bech.App, SignCatch, and ePayLater are bridging the divide between digital credit schemes and intelligent technology for small business owners across the country, bringing the charms of neighbourhood shopping to your fingertips!

Now, the convenience of omni-channel retailing will be available at your neighbourhood nukkad ki dukaan, so brace yourself for the revolution!

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