Russian Grand Prix in Autodrom Igora Drive from 2023

From 2023, the Russian Grand Prix will be held at Autodrom Igora Drive, outside St. Petersburg, instead of its current home in Sochi.
Hermann Tilke built the Autodrom Igora Drive, which will take the place of Sochi, which has hosted F1 every year since joining the calendar in 2014, on the same site where the Winter Olympics were held the same year. The FIA granted the venue Grade 1 certification at the end of 2020, allowing it to become only the second Russian site to hold a Formula 1 Grand Prix.

It’s 54 kilometres from St. Petersburg and only 150 kilometres from Valtteri Bottas’ and Kimi Raikkonen’s native Finland. It spans around 100 hectares and features ten different track configurations.

“I am pleased to report that, following collaborative rigorous work with our Russian partners and a detailed assessment of Igora Drive, Formula 1 will be racing there from 2023,” stated F1 President and CEO Stefano Domenicali in an official statement.

“St Petersburg has impressed me, and I feel the Russian Grand Prix at Igora Drive will be a fantastic event.”

The DTM German Touring Car Series was scheduled to compete on a 15-turn, 4.086-kilometer anti-clockwise circuit there, but the event was cancelled due of the Covid 19 outbreak.

More information about the race will be provided in the coming months, according to Formula 1. The Russian Grand Prix will be held in Sochi on September 26 this year.

source: ANI

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