Open learning spaces hamper children’s physical activity: Study

The results of the study were derived from the CHIPASE research project, which was performed at the Faculty of Sport and Health Science at the University of Jyvaskyla. The results were published in the journal Frontiers of Sports and Active Life. A new framework for basic education in Finland, released in 2016, revolutionized Finland’s educational system by introducing a new system of school buildings and flexible classroom design.

This research discovered that in addition to the physical activity of children in grades three and five, open learning environments are not directly connected to their being more active.

These open learning environments may encourage youngsters to be more physically active during classes. Physical exercise that takes place in a school setting may positively affect academic performance.

Doctoral Researcher Jani Hartikainen, from the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences at the University of Jyvaskyla, discovered that students in open learning environments are less physically active than in traditional classrooms.

Students in open learning environments appear to be less sedentary since they’re more likely to move about. Thus, they are less likely to be harmed by being sedentary for lengthy periods of time.

The study’s primary finding was that open learning environments do not promote a higher physical activity level among youngsters during class. Future research should focus on discovering ways to take advantage of open learning environments’ potential to facilitate classroom-based physical activity.

Several prior studies have found that teachers struggle to implement open learning spaces, as evidenced in this study, which concludes, “In this study, we did not observe teachers’ instructions about students’ movement, but prior studies have reported difficulties in how teachers adapt to open learning spaces.”

“Especially large student groups may cause teachers to need to restrict students’ movement during lessons,” concluded Hartikainen.

source: ANI

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