Nationwide protest from June 16-30 against rising fuel, commodities prices by Left Parties : All you need to know

Starting on Wednesday, the Left Parties will stage a fortnight-long statewide demonstration over rising petrol, food, and medical prices.
A joint statement was made on Sunday by the Communist Party of India (Marxist), Communist Party of India, All India Forward Bloc, Revolutionary Socialist Party, and Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)-Liberation.

The demonstration will begin on June 16 and end on June 30, according to the statement. The parties demand that the federal government reverse the increase in fuel prices and keep critical commodities and pharmaceuticals under control. “This unrelenting rise in the price of all vital commodities is posing new threats to people’s livelihoods. Instead of assisting people in fighting the COVID health crisis, the Narendra Modi government increased the price of petroleum items by at least 21 times after the outcome of the recent assembly elections on May 2, 2021 “The Left parties claimed this.

“The Wholesale Price Index (WPI) has risen to an eleven-year high as a result of this, resulting in a cascading inflationary spiral. In April, the cost of food increased by about 5%. Primary commodities increased by 10.16 percent, while manufactured goods increased by 9.01 percent. Consumers are charged substantially more by the time these items reach retail markets “reads the joint statement of the Left parties.

The price hike comes at a time when the economy is experiencing “severe recession, galloping unemployment, collapsing purchasing power, and rising levels of hunger,” according to left-wing parties. “Unquestionably, under state sponsorship, unethical black-marketing and hoarding are going place. The Modi government must vigorously combat such black-marketing, particularly of necessary pharmaceuticals that are critical to people’s lives “The statement went on to say that

Left-wing parties have requested that the central government provide direct cash transfers of Rs 7,500 a month for six months to all families who do not pay income tax. The state unit of the left parties has been directed to stage protests over the fortnight while keeping to COVID safeguards and rules. Petrol prices have surpassed Rs 100 in many regions, indicating that fuel prices are continuing to rise across India.

source: ANI

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