Myloc: Now Give a Name to Your Location

It is absolutely necessary that people are able to reach you as quickly as possible, whether for groceries or medicine. Even if you are not physically near a Wi-Fi network, you can share your location via a digital address. MyLoc ( was created to get important deliveries such as food and other essentials to people, but it gives home, office, or any other location a sense of identity as well.

At the moment, it’s difficult to share an address because we have to navigate to our location, find it on a map, and then share it. If you use a digital Pin with a location Pin, then sharing your location becomes simple. For example, you can easily send a message or phone call. Each individual can create their own “location pin” using MyLoc, and have a unique ID for any location.

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MyLoc adds text notes, landmarks, and image tagging to your GPS, which means it saves you time locating your home and gets you to it quickly. Anyone, even without the internet, can get directions to you with Pin.

“We must have digital identities for our homes and offices in a world where we constantly require services to reach us. It makes the process of sending directions much easier and frees up time. A split-second can make the difference between life and death “Patnaik says MyLoc’s Marketing Evangelist, Pooja, says

A location Pin has numerous benefits. Map sharing options are much easier to remember and share. It makes locating delivery services, essential goods, and emergencies easier. Modifications, deletions, and recreations are all simple processes. All you need to do is sign up for an account once. Finally, you can have a location Pin of your own on MyLoc.

“MyLoc is designed to be simple and approachable to use for everyone, regardless of the operating system or device. Make one visit to to see how simple it is, no downloads required, no apps to download, and no dependence on any device.

nFaktor ( is MyLoc’s parent company. Neel Sinha, the founder and CEO, conceived of a cloud-based location sharing service called MyLoc ( He realised that sharing up-to-date, accurate digital addresses for physical locations is critical, and he set out to find a solution that was simple, requiring no downloads, and shareable.

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