Mitron TV Founders launch a brand new advanced video editing app named ‘MontagePro’

The founders of Mitron TV, one of India’s most popular short format video apps, have released ‘MontagePro,’ an advanced video editing application.
The video editing application was created primarily for content creators who wish to offer free premium video editing services. The app features over 300 premium effects and filters and enables creators to export videos at 60 frames per second in high definition without the use of watermarks. MontagePro is available on Google Play globally and has surpassed 500K downloads.
The free all-in-one video editing app is aimed at aspiring and advanced content creators, as well as editors. It offers superior features that are clutter-free, with a simple UX and UI for first-time creators and advanced features and effects for skilled creators.

The simple-to-use application includes innovative features such as PiP (Picture-in-Picture), which enables users to embed another video clip within a section of their primary video clip, allowing users to share the same video across multiple social media accounts without compromising the original resolution.

The following are the primary features of the application:

  1. Videos can be exported without the inclusion of watermarks.
  2. Custom export settings are supported
  3. The PiP (Picture-in-Picture) mode
  4. Users can directly share edited videos on social media platforms using the app.
  5. Modulation of the voice

Additionally, users can add custom watermarks to videos by modifying the size, angle, and opacity of an existing image file, or export and download videos without any watermark. Users can select the desired aspect ratios when exporting videos. The music library of the app features trending sound effects for all moods and occasions, as well as volume control settings.

The app is designed to address the most basic needs of creators and editors, including trimming, filtering, text addition, blurring, doodling, speed control, beauty controls, and sticker support. Along with high-quality, proprietary features, MontagePro is expanding its asset library with new filters, effects, and text styles, as well as updating its existing music library.

Anish Khandelwal, co-founder and chief technology officer of Mitron TV, commented on the application’s launch, saying, “As a UGC platform, our objective is to stay current with advanced technology and on-demand requirements. With a laser-like focus on developing the creator ecosystem, we have directed and will continue to direct all of our efforts toward developing technology solutions for the creator community. While there are numerous video editing apps available, when a creator or editor edits a video, he or she must pay for a variety of features. We believe that a creator should be provided with unique opportunities to exhibit their work. As a result, MontagePro includes all features and serves as a one-stop shop for all video editing needs. MontagePro’s mission is to serve the global market by customising and simplifying editing tools to meet the growing user needs of today’s users.”

Rumit Anand, VP of Product at Mitron TV, commented on the application’s launch, “Growing demand for video content has compelled content creators to go mobile-first, and we see an opportunity to be strong enablers of this evolving ecosystem with MontagePro.”

Additionally, he stated, “Since the beginning, our primary objective has been to simplify complex editing into easily accessible features. MontagePro was created in this manner to serve the entire creator ecosystem, from novice to advanced creators. The video editor adheres to global standards and includes custom export settings for easy sharing, as well as the ability to customise or remove a watermark entirely.”

In the last year, digital transformation has continued to drive all industries. According to LinkedIn’s most recent ‘Jobs on the Rise’ list, content creation is becoming an increasingly popular career choice for young creators as demand for local and relevant content increases.

With increased content consumption, the MontagePro app from the creators of Mitron TV will assist in empowering and simplifying the entire editing process through its cutting-edge technological features that benefit the creator community.

The app can be downloaded at

source: ANI via NewsVoir

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