Minix Vega Smartwatch: Sale starts on 22nd June 2021

Minix, a Mumbai-based gadget and accessory brand, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest product, the Minix Vega SmartWatch. Minix, headquartered in Mumbai, India, was founded in August 2017 by its parent company Maxtone Electronics, an IT company that specialises in the development of motherboards and other technology-related products.

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Minix has carefully crafted their unique selling proposition for the Minix Vega Smart Watch. The SmartWatch features Bluetooth calling, a sliding touch screen, heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, oxygen saturation detection, and deep sleep monitoring, as well as eight different sports modes. It is also waterproof to IP67. To make it even more convenient, users can easily upload up to eight frequently used contacts to the watch via the app, enabling convenient communication at any time and from any location.

Minix Vega SmartWatch’s 1.75″ display is made of 3D curved glass with intricate carving, creating a strong integrated visual appearance. The smartwatch’s aluminium alloy body makes it extremely flexible and graceful, while also providing an extremely light and thin wearing experience. The smartwatch’s battery life is up to 20 days. The Minix Vega SmartWatch comes in five different colour options: Amber, Black, Gold, Grey, and Silver.

Minix has also previously launched two popular smartwatches, the Minix LiveFit Pro and Minix TrueFit Pro. Minix’s Wireless Earphone series also includes the DMBT 400 Wireless Neckband, Minix TWS Earbuds, and XT 500 Wireless Neckband. Additionally, they sell Power Banks with capacities of 10,000mAH and 20,000mAH, as well as accessories such as the Minix Unbreakable 3 in 1 Tough Braided Cable, the Minix Fast Charging USB Cable, and the Minix Data Sync Charging Cable.

Minix is currently trending with their LiveFit Pro, Minix TWS Earbuds, Minix TrueFit Pro, and XT Wireless Neckband, all of which are also their best-selling products. Minix products can be purchased directly from the company’s website or through Amazon.

When the pandemic struck, the country’s fortunes began to deteriorate. The entire world suffered on a physical and psychological level. That’s when Champakraj Gurjar, the owner of Minix, considered launching smartwatches, recognising that we all need to up our fitness game. He emphasised the importance of all smartwatches having health-monitoring features in order to provide a clear picture of a user’s health status in a multi-tasking smartwatch.

“Our products are curated to meet a customer’s need to track their health metrics, take a step toward fitness, and up their health game while juggling their busy lives,” says Siddharth Gurjar of Minix. We believe that the most critical aspect of life is health and fitness. And maintaining a consistent track is critical. As a result, we’ve developed a series of smartwatches that cover all of your activities, from calling to exercising, and allow you to sweat freely without worrying about your smartwatch. Our brand has built a strong customer base, which inspires us to create products that provide an overall feel-good experience for our consumers. We place a premium on technology, style, and performance, which we bring to you.”

Minix’s vision is to make fitness a common goal for the country’s citizens, and with readily available, affordable fitness devices such as smartwatches, one can take a step toward increasing fitness and health awareness. Minix’s real-time health and fitness tracker aims to make fitness a goal for everyone.

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source: ANI via  SRV Media

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