Mindtree in UK’s top companies complying to customer satisfaction: IT Sourcing Study


Mindtree, a global technology services and digital transformation company, today announced that it was ranked second in the Whitelane Research/PA Consulting 2021 UK IT Sourcing Study for client satisfaction. The company’s overall satisfaction rating of 80% was significantly higher than the industry average of 72%. This year’s ranking of the UK’s top IT/cloud service providers is based on an analysis of more than 600 unique IT sourcing relationships and 800 cloud relationships from more than 250 participants representing the UK’s largest IT spending organisations.

The study found that 100% of Mindtree customers surveyed were satisfied with the company. The company was ranked among the top five in four of the study’s nine key performance indicators. These include the quality of service delivery, cloud capabilities, account management, and proactiveness. Additionally, Mindtree was one of only five companies with a 100% satisfied customer base for its application development, maintenance, and testing capabilities.

Venu Lambu, Mindtree’s Executive Director and President of Global Markets, stated, “As organisations in the United Kingdom navigated a difficult year of digital transformation, we remained steadfast in our commitment to leveraging our differentiated capabilities to help them stay ahead by continuously engaging with and delivering value to our customers. This ranking demonstrates our dedication to and focus on our customers. I’d like to express my gratitude to our customers for their confidence in us and to Mindtree Minds for their commitment to exceeding customer expectations.”

Whitelane Research’s Head of Sourcing, Jef Loos, stated, “The last 12 months and beyond have put the UK’s IT outsourcing sector’s agility and capabilities to the test. It’s quite impressive to see companies like Mindtree delighting customers despite the economic downturn. In the future, as enterprises increase their investment in digital, they will increasingly rely on partners to guide them through these fast-paced journeys. Mindtree has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to critical business priorities such as cost reduction, scalability, and a focus on core business, placing it among the UK’s top IT outsourcing partners, according to its own customers.”


The Whitelane 2021 UK IT Sourcing Study surveyed senior executives with authority over corporate IT strategy and sourcing decisions. Both organisations with substantial IT budgets and those that have outsourced a substantial portion of their IT processes were invited to participate in the research. Once respondents indicated their willingness to participate, they were sent a URL to an online questionnaire.

Both Whitelane Research and PA Consulting are completely self-contained entities. Whitelane Research selected the participant database, with the IT service providers profiled in this study being evaluated and ranked based on their clients’ perceptions (not on the opinion of Whitelane Research or PA Consulting).

The research findings are entirely based on data collected during the market study from surveyed respondents. The IT outsourcing services being evaluated are consumed in the country/region in which the study is being conducted, and the evaluations are not weighted by deal characteristics such as annual contract value or contract duration.

Participation in the study is completely confidential and anonymous, and the research findings are presented using only aggregated data.

A minimum of eight evaluations is required to include an individual service provider in the overall satisfaction ranking, and a minimum of seven evaluations is required to include an individual service provider in the satisfaction by IT domain rankings.

The minimum number of evaluations required of each service provider ensures that service provider ratings accurately reflect the opinions of a representative sample group.

source: ANI

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