Kimaya Kapoor will represent India in Mixed Martial Arts

Kimaya Kapoor, who was recently crowned Miss Hyderabad Congeniality 2018, is preparing to represent India in Mixed Martial Arts. She is currently training in aerial hoop and mixed martial arts and hopes to compete in a national championship by the end of the year.

Talking about her preparation she said, “I have to represent my country soon. So there’s no compromise. I’ve been training hard. I’m blessed to train under one of the best UFC and MMA coaches, who is also training Bollywood’s action superstar Tiger Shroff. I don’t get it when people tell me that they’re afraid or just not serious enough to follow their goals. You have one life. What better way than to live it for your country.”

Apart from athletics, Kimaya has already starred in a slew of infamous photoshoots and modelling projects for some of the world’s biggest brands at the tender age of 26. She has walked the runway for a slew of illustrious names. And she is already ecstatic and proud to represent India in mixed martial arts in 2022.

“I meet a lot of young girls, who aspire to the glamour industry. But I always tell them, there’s more to this world. Beauty and glamour is of course attractive. But you need to be driven to something that comes from within. We are women. And there’s so much more to us than just Glamour. When you find that within you. You don’t need any outer influence.” adds Kimaya.

Before being an ace athlete or one of the leading travel bloggers of the country. Kimaya had to make her own share of tough decisions. Be it quitting her lavish MNC job, or calling her shots in the glamour world. But all this has made her who she is today. This journey has never been easy. But so far, she says, it’s been hell of a ride, and the journey has just begun.

source: ANI via ThePRTree

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