‘Jyo Shop’ the Online shopping platform dominates the global markets with its old school hand-embroidered products

Diverse brands from diverse industries demand modern timeless art and creativity. Nothing, however, compares to the essence of preserving a country’s heritage and taking it global. With its exclusive hand-embroidered products, the online shopping brand ‘Jyo Shop’ has created a variety of fashion accessories and apparel that are a sight for sore eyes. Jyoti Das, the founder of Jyo Shop, is a National Institute of Fashion Technology graduate.

Additionally, Jyoti studied Gemmology in Belgium. The online shopping portal is a reflection of her artwork, which has a universal aesthetic appeal. With some of the most exquisite designs, the artisans create products that reflect the personality of a woman from various walks of life. The exquisite fashion brand’s vision is to establish a global market for women’s ancient handcrafted and sustainable products.

After dominating the Indian market, ‘Jyo Shop’ expanded globally. The brand’s boutiques are located in a variety of locations throughout the world, including Monaco, Cannes, Paris, and Milan. With its eccentric and creative designs, ‘Jyo Shop’ is causing a stir on a global scale. The majority of pieces and designs are enduring, and the artwork speaks for itself. Simply put, the artisans employed by the company are redefining what vintage looks like in today’s world.

Today, the fashion brand employs over 200 artisans dedicated to bringing the best designs from ancient India to life. Additionally, eco-friendly products have seen an increase in sales in certain parts of Europe and the United States. To keep up with the times, ‘Jyo Shop’ has created a limited-edition collection for its customers. Apart from its Father’s Day collection of shawls and scarves, the brand recently debuted the Corsica Dress, Summer Harmony Set, Alaina Swing Dress, Multi bead Cuff, and various other accessories. To take a look at the stunning collection, visit the company’s official website.

Visit website :  www.jyoshop.com

source: ANI via PNN

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