Himesh Reshammiya unveiled his new music album ‘Himesh ke dil se’

On Monday, singer-composer Himesh Reshammiya unveiled his new music album ‘Himesh ke dil se.’ The next album will mark the launch of Sawai Bhatt, participant in ‘Indian Idol.’

“‘Himesh ke dil se’ is an album I’ve put many upcoming talents like Sawai Bhatt and a number of others on. The focus of this album is certainly on the melody, voice of the singer and the entire atmosphere with which every music enthusiast is in love “In a statement, Reshammiya said.

He explains what fans of ‘Himesh ke dil se’ can expect. “The tunes are rich and “raag” based but still minimal for the ordinary person to enjoy. The reaction to my recent tracks certainly shows the opinion of the audience and that the melody is back in an era of recreation and rich melodies that will remain here, “He added, sharing his enthusiasm for Sawai collaboration.

“Sawai Bhatt will sing the first song in my new album as a composer on my label @himeshreshammiyamelodies… he recorded for a song recently and I’ll soon announce the first song from this album release, it’s a lovely romantic twist, and in the song you’ll love all the song and Sawai’s voice, he has meticulous melody even though it’s his debut, give it to me. Himesha treated his fans before with the release of his two other albums, ‘Surroor 2021’ and ‘Moods With Melodies.’

source: ANI

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