Hidden Files Season 3: RED FM announces premiere date

93.5 RED FM, India’s largest private radio and entertainment network, today announced the premiere of Season 3 of Hidden Files, a show focusing on cybercrime. The show will be hosted by Amit Dubey, a renowned national security and cybercrime expert, and will take the form of an audiobook featuring true stories of cybercrime.

Hidden Files Season 3 will air Monday through Friday from 8 to 9 p.m. on RED FM.

This season will focus on real-world solved cases that are more complex, intriguing, and easy to execute by criminals due to a lack of awareness on the part of the public. These stories detail a variety of crimes, including phishing, ration scams, forgery, and identity theft. Amit Dubey has been assisting in the resolution of these cases. Due to a lack of knowledge, cyberattacks can occur and succeed. The show’s objective is to raise awareness and educate viewers about the importance of taking appropriate precautions when using the internet and managing their devices.

Nisha Narayanan, Director & Chief Operating Officer, RED FM and Magic FM, stated about the show, “While cybersecurity is a growing threat to businesses and individuals worldwide, it has a recognisable solution: human knowledge. We founded Hidden Files two years ago with the goal of raising awareness about cybercrime and assisting individuals in safeguarding their digital identities. Amit Dubey, the host, is a renowned expert on cybercrime and national security. Hidden Files holds the distinction of being India’s first radio broadcast of a cybercrime audiobook. We hope that Hidden Files Season 3 will raise awareness about cybersecurity best practises for citizens and businesses.”

source: ANI

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