Enamor announced today a range of masks in Ikat fabric

Enamor is a customer-famous brand for its design and quality. The only brand indoor wear to have won three Superbrands brand excellence awards, a strong endorsement by its customers.

Enamor announced today a range of masks in Ikat fabric, a special brand initiative to support the lives and livelihoods of artisans of the Telangana Cluster Kalabharathi Handlooms, who were affected by the ongoing crisis of COVID-19. Since the lockdown of COVID-19, most craftsmen are out of work.

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Accumulated stocks and they face a severe cash crunch. Enamor has manufactured and launched these masks from this craft cluster over 200 metres of the Ikat fabric. As part of this initiative, Enamor will redirect the profits from selling the masks to the cluster to help educate and provide a medical service to the girl.

As the severe nature of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic continues in India, masks are the time required. Enamor Ikat fabric masks have a filter layer in between, which provides 95% anti-virus protection* and provides a solution to the double masking problem. The several layers of cotton jersey are naturally breathable and offer humidity control, filtering particles and dust. These masks are offered in packs of 2 for Rs. 399. The Ikat masks are available in Amazon, Myntra and Nykaa, as well as on the Enamor website.

“We at Enamor are aware that we are a socially responsible brand. This initiative represents our heartfelt attempt to collaborate with the craftsmen of Koyalagudem in this difficult time to support this community. The commitment that all the sales profits of Ikat masks will benefit and educate the girl child in these craftsmen communities is particularly close to our hearts. We hope to raise awareness with this initiative and involve consumers in supporting heritage crafts and weavers. Buying Enamor’s Ikat masks gives our customers a small chance to make a small contribution to this community,” said Sandra Daniels, Marketing Vice President, Gokaldas Intimatewear Pvt. Ltd.

Private Gokaldas Intimatewear is a market leader in premium women’s interiorwear in India. Their Enamor brand was established as a joint venture with Barbara of Paris, France, in 2001. It has leadership status in leading national chain stores and leading multi brand stores. There are more than 5,000 retail outlets and 27 exclusive brand outlets at the national level. It offers a premium portfolio ranging from arms, shapes, loungewear and athletics to a distinguished modern Indian woman.

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source: ANI

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