Drug trafficking network busted in Delhi

On Sunday, Narcotics Cell Crime Branch Delhi departed an inter-American network of drug traffickers from Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly to clandestinely supply Heroin to the national capital. The Crime Branch has confiscated 1,5 kg of heroin. The accused was identified as Mohd. Ishaq, 27, a Bareilly resident.

According to Delhi Police, the Narcotics Cell team of Crime Branch has been continuously developing information in order to address and contain the drug threat in Delhi that has an interstate supply chain, in particular from Bareilly.

Dividend payment was made by the hard work of the Police team and Sub Inspector Abdul Barkat, posted at Narcotics Cell, received secret information that on 22 June, one person namely Ishaq, a resident of Bareilly who is engaged in supplying contraband heroin to Delhi, is going to arrive near District Park, Nand Nagri, Delhi to delivers Heroin to somebody.

A trap was laid by the police team near Nandnagri, District Park, where drug supplier Ishaq was sent to the receiver by the contraband and taken in red-handedly, the police said. The police also notified that a FIR has been registered under the Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS), and further investigations are under way to identify the drug trafficking chain as a whole.

source: ANI

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