Drone business on boom in Japan


Drones have aided in providing a more clear and natural view of cities. This promising future of drones is motivating Japanese citizens to enroll in private schools to train as “drone pilots.” The courses are so simple that a person can become an amateur pilot after just two days of training.
It takes four additional days to reach the professional level. It is simple to reach the amateur level after two days of training.

“I’m involved with the school as part of our new business development efforts. I’d like to learn how to use a drone to inspect and safely inspect high-rise buildings “a student stated. However, learning to fly a drone does not entitle you to use it anywhere, particularly in a city or near a residential area.

“My drone school has a small number of corporate students and a large number of individual students. Drones will be used for infrastructure inspection and home delivery in the future, as recommended by the Japanese government, and I believe that a situation will arise in which a large number of drones will be flying in the town “Shingo Hatakeyama, a student at the Drone school, stated.

Japan’s property law considers the air up to a height of 300 metres to be the owner’s property. Thus, the property owner has the right to object to the passage of a drone, which typically flies at a maximum altitude of 150 metres. This is the rationale behind the concept of renting an owner’s air.

Certain businesses are now operating a “air corridor” along the route connecting post offices, shopping centres, hospitals, and villages in need of delivery service. The rental rate is determined by the duration of the aircraft’s flight over the property.

It can earn a few US cents every three seconds. With these planes expected to be densely packed with drones, property owners in Japan can truly claim that money is falling from the sky.

source: ANI

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