Cygni Energy and Attero tie-up for responsible recycling of Lithium Batteries

In keeping with the vision that the circular economy’s essence is to reimagine how we define growth, Cygni Energy has partnered with Attero, a market leader in responsible recycling, to manage their lithium battery recycling. Recycling EV and ESS batteries contributes to natural resource conservation and pollution prevention. Additionally, it saves energy by eliminating the need to refine virgin materials and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The Li-Ion battery market in India’s energy storage and electric vehicle markets is expected to exceed 50GWh in the next five years. The company’s goal is to raise user awareness and encourage them to dispose of used batteries responsibly.

Venkat Rajaraman, Chief Executive Officer of Cygni Energy, stated on the occasion, “Cygni is reimagining energy through the use of game-changing battery technologies. Our Energy Storage systems, we believe, will play a critical role in the future of transportation and the electric grid. Cygni’s Li-Ion batteries have already powered over 75MWh of ESS batteries and over 10,000 electric vehicles. This collaboration with Attero aims to reuse and recycle EV and ESS Li-ion batteries at the end of their useful lives, ensuring the materials’ sustainable handling.”

Attero’s Chief Executive Officer, Nitin Gupta, stated, “Attero is proud to partner with Cygni, a market leader in energy storage, to ensure that end-of-life batteries generated by Cygni and its customers are recycled in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable manner possible. This collaboration will go a long way toward ensuring that critical battery materials such as cobalt and lithium are extracted using Attero’s world-class urban mining technologies, thereby enabling India to develop a robust circular economy. We are thrilled to collaborate with Cygni.”

“As Electric Vehicles become more prevalent, the use of Lithium-Ion batteries will skyrocket. It will be disastrous if these batteries are discarded after use. Recycling will assist India in recovering materials such as lithium, cobalt, manganese, and nickel that are used in these batteries due to India’s scarcity of these elements. I am pleased that Cygni, a market leader in Li-Ion battery manufacturing, and Attero, a leader in near-effluent-free Li-Ion battery cycling, have partnered. They must ensure that each battery is recycled following its use “Professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala of IIT Madras is advising both companies.

Cygni Energy

Cygni is India’s largest storage technology company, specialising in electric vehicle batteries and energy storage. Its primary objective is to develop alternative energy storage solutions for EVs (2W and 3W) and to accelerate the adoption of Li-ion batteries across Automotive and Energy Storage platforms. Cygni, which was founded at IIT Madras, is also a thought leader in direct current architecture, which is gaining traction in applications ranging from microgrids to electric vehicles and energy storage. It holds numerous patents in this field and has received numerous international accolades.

Concerning Attero

Attero is a NASA-recognized pioneer in urban mining, the only company globally capable of extracting all metals (including electrolytes) at high purity levels and high recovery efficiency. It is capable of recovering over 98 percent of all metals, including cobalt, lithium, nickel, graphite, and manganese. The company uses a zero-waste approach and a completely closed-loop process to extract metals of extremely high purity, such as electrolytic cobalt and pharmaceutical grade Li2Co3. Attero operates India’s largest and most advanced waste recycling facility, and its technologies are protected by more than 30 global patents.

source: ANI via PNN

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