Covid warriors worldwide continue to toil to save as many lives as possible : Restoring our faith In humanity

The world is now familiar with the novel Coronavirus, a novel that completely changed the way people live. Since then, all schools, colleges, and the majority of offices have migrated to the virtual space, the economy has stagnated, and Covid warriors worldwide continue to toil to save as many lives as possible.

From all directions, macabre tales of death, human helplessness, and entire systems collapsing are pouring in. However, hidden among this crushing despair and grief are numerous stories of selflessness, kindness, and bravery that restore our faith in humanity and inspire us to dream of a better tomorrow. Recognizing the importance of the hour, The Times of India sought to highlight such inspirational stories in an effort to spread positivity and hope.

The Times of India’s Beacons of Hope initiative, which recently concluded in Mumbai in collaboration with Hope Partner – MIDC, recognises the efforts of individuals and organisations that, through selfless acts of kindness, work for the greater good of the community during these trying times.

Girl Drives Covid Dead On Last Journey

With her college lectures now available online, Priya Patil says she had more time to devote to social work. There are numerous avenues for this noble endeavour, but who would have guessed the 20-year-old would choose to take the wheel of an ambulance and transport the bodies of Covid victims to the crematorium.

Priya, a first-year science student at Vivekanand College, has been transporting bodies from the government-run CPR Hospital and other private hospitals to the Panchaganga crematorium on a 9am-9pm shift. Not only that, she assists the hospital staff in loading the bodies into the ambulance and also assists the Kolhapur Municipal Corporation staff in preparing the funeral bed at the crematorium.

“I had learnt to drive a car and decided to contribute to society as I had free time after my lectures got over. The ambulance I drive has been donated for Covid service to CPR Hospital by social activist Harshal Surve and garment shop owner Prashant Pophale,” she says.

Speaking about the state’s people’s spirit and resilience, Honourable Minister for Industries, Maharashtra – Subhash Desai stated, “Maharashtra’s people have repeatedly demonstrated their fortitude and indomitable spirit. Citizens, government officials, representatives of the people, and entrepreneurs have all joined forces to assist one another during this pandemic. The incredible stories of bravery and initiative only serve to reaffirm our faith in the Maharashtrian people.”

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A Glimmer Of Hope For Covid Widows

Recently moved by a TOI report on the plight of two widows who had lost their husbands to Covid-19 and were left with no means of income but many mouths to feed, entrepreneur couple Ronnie and Zarina Screwvala offered to support not only them but also ten additional women who had suffered a similar blow.

Shabana Pathan and Naseema Khatoon, both residents of Dharavi, were strangers but faced a similar struggle. Pathan was left homeless and penniless after her husband, Rafiq, died of Covid. Pathan, who was partially paralysed and unable to travel for work, was constantly concerned about the safety of her 11-year-old daughter, Mahenoor, as the two spent the day at acquaintances’ homes and the night at dargahs or railway stations. Khatoon, 29, is a frail 29-year-old who dropped out of high school and was pregnant with her seventh child when her husband, Sajid, a small business owner, died of Covid. Without the assistance of neighbours and NGO volunteers, she and her children would have perished.

For six months, the Screwvalas have covered the costs of housing, rations, children’s education, and basic necessities such as electricity for 12 widows. Six additional donors made contributions totaling Rs 20,000. Pathan was offered a job in the kitchen at a children’s home in Matunga. Four residents of Malad, Ambernath, Navi Mumbai, and Ahmednagar offered the widows jobs. The community banded together to assist widows in regaining their feet so they could care for themselves and their families.

Dr. P. Anbalagan, IAS, is the CEO of MIDC (Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation). “The industries have responded overwhelmingly to MIDC’s appeal for Covid relief and assistance during the pandemic. Though we are constantly working to improve our preparedness in the face of adversity, the indomitable spirit demonstrated by ordinary people during this time of crisis is exemplary, and their stories are motivating.”

Numerous such stories exist that serve as a silver lining to the pandemic, bringing people together at a time when we are socially estranged. Beacons of hope is an initiative dedicated to fostering hope and optimism by recognising those who are shining a light in the midst of darkness.

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Let’s light a spark and help dispel the dark.

source: ANI via Mediawire

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