Chrissy Teigen jokes about ‘bullying’ in a previous post apologising for the cyberbullying scandal.

Chrissy Teigen, an American model and television personality, recently joked about previously “bullying” Donald Trump, shortly after apologising for previously cyberbullying other public figures. According to Fox News, the 35-year-old star shared a lengthy apology on an online publishing platform on Monday after being rocked by scandal for several weeks following the reemergence of Teigen’s previous tweets mocking celebrities.
Following her online apology, the cookbook author shared an excerpt from her writing on Instagram.

She received plenty of support in the comments section from other celebrities and some fans, while others questioned whether she intended to reach out to and apologise to Trump, whom she frequently criticised online. “Absolutely crying at the amount of you asking if I’m reaching out to the desk of the former president of the United States to apologize for bullying him, the former president of the United States,” she wrote in the post’s comments. She added, “Please never change. I will, but you. You stay.”

Costello claimed in a statement to Fox News that Teigen has been working to prevent his business from succeeding after she saw allegedly fake social media posts containing racist content that appeared to come from the designer. He claimed Teigen was uninterested in hearing his side of the storey and only expressed to Costello her desire for him to “get what’s coming to you.”

“When I contacted Chrissy Teigen to inform her that I had been the victim of a vindictive cyber slander and that everything she believed about me was false, she informed me that my career was over and that all my doors would be closed from that point forward,” Costello alleged.

source: ANI

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