Affiliatics – Now Grow eCommerce and D2C Brands by 300x!

Affiliatics an O2O marketing platform, within three months of launch since March 2021, counts large eCommerce businesses like IRCTC, Flipkart, Amazon, SRS Logistics and others as customers. With a current wait list of 300+ eCommerce companies wanting to connect to retail network is clearly a market leader driving the USD 1.5 Trillion retail market by 2025.

Affiliatics is a one-of-a-kind platform that connects retailers with eCommerce and direct-to-consumer brands, allowing them to reach more retail customers and market through influencers! The Affiliatics platform also assists brands in launching online and offline (retail) campaigns to promote new product offerings and programmes to merchants directly. Advanced statistics and insights on campaign performance, such as clicks, impressions, sales, and store performance, are provided to brands. Influencers and retailers have access to precise information on their sales, commissions, and recommended products to promote, among other things.

Challenges with growth for eCommerce and the D2C brands

eCommerce is booming at a 25% CAGR in India, and it is being fueled even more by the widespread use of smart phones and the lower cost of mobile internet access. According to IBEF data, this rise only amounts for 9-10% of the USD 1.5 trillion Indian retail market. Most of the leading consumer brands sustained losses following the epidemic as a result of a drop in retail/online sales, particularly due to their reliance on sellers like as Amazon, Flipkart, and PayTM. Following significant losses, these companies are now focusing on developing their own ‘internet distribution channel,’ allowing them to contact Direct to Customer (D2C) customers across the country. The convenience of last-mile delivery and the ability to create a shopping portal in only a few clicks has fueled the D2C rush, resulting in hundreds of eCommerce portals on the market.

It is possible to set up an online shopping portal and a logistics system to handle deliveries, but creating brand awareness among the online and social media saturated marketplaces is a time- and financial-resource-intensive process. D2C brands with restricted budgets find it challenging to compete in the market due to the high cost of online search and social media ads. Furthermore, it does not ensure conversion because the majority of searches, which entail a 6-inch mobile phone screen, have already occupied first page rankings and top search results with advertisements from key companies. As a result, organic ranking for such D2C brands is extremely challenging.

With the aforementioned obstacles in mind, one would wonder whether brands would be able to market their D2C channels to target customers in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. What will be the next stage of growth for various E-commerce companies, and will they be able to tap into the remaining 90% of retail market customers? Prabhu Stavarmath, founder and CEO of Affiliatics, an omni-channel O2O SaaS marketing platform built in India that connects eCommerce enterprises, merchants, and influencers on a single platform, says yes. Through its retail network and influencers, Affiliatics allows marketers to contact their target customers with no marketing spend.

Affiliatics Assisted Commerce Platform – Connecting E-commerce to Retail

The interesting thing about affiliate marketing, though, is that it’s been around for decades. However, the game-changer and niche-separation are provided by the Affiliatics platform. It integrates eCommerce, retailers, and social influencers into a single platform, allowing businesses to conduct omni-channel global marketing campaigns at scale across their online and physical storefronts. This strategy will undoubtedly aid in increasing online and retail sales via the Affiliatics platform’s retailer network. Retailers can connect to a variety of eCommerce platforms and place orders for products for walk-in shoppers. Consumers will be pleased because they will be able to purchase from their trusted retailer; retailers will be pleased because they will receive commission on each product; and eCommerce businesses will be pleased because their sales will undoubtedly increase as a result of retail orders. Through a single dashboard, retailers and influencers can measure link clicks, conversions, and commission payouts for each transaction across all eCommerce/D2C brands they promote. With thorough demographics of conversions, advanced analytics assists the brand in identifying the most performing ads. The Affiliatics platform is a marketplace that connects eCommerce and retail establishments, allowing eCommerce enterprises to enter the next phase of growth. Affiliatics has partnered with worldwide payment gateways to ensure that affiliates and influencers from all over the world receive automated payouts.

Software Eating the World: Global SaaS Opportunity for Affiliate Marketers

According to NASSCOM, the global SaaS market will be worth USD 400 billion by 2025, with Indian SaaS companies contributing USD 13 to USD 15 billion. India now has over 1000 SaaS startups, with 150 of them earning annual recurring revenue (ARR) of over one million dollars! Affiliatics is well positioned to link millions of Indian affiliates, influencers, and content providers to the global SaaS market opportunity. Affiliatics has teamed up with SaaS accelerators and incubators to link 300+ SaaS companies with affiliates and influencers for content marketing and product promotion.

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