According to experts, quick vaccination is important in opening the economy.

A day after India vaccinated nearly 86 lakh people against COVID-19 in a single day on Monday, government officials stated that rapid vaccination is critical for economic opening and that the goal is to vaccinate one crore people daily. “The third wave of the pandemic can be halted if prudent behaviour is maintained and a majority of people are vaccinated,” Dr. V. K. Paul, the NITI Aayog’s member (Health), said Tuesday, according to a PIB release.

Dr. N. K. Arora, Chairperson of the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization in India (NTAGI), stated, “Every day, we aim to vaccinate at least one crore people. Our capacity allows us to easily administer 1.25 crore doses of COVID-19 vaccine daily.”

Dr Paul underscored the critical nature of vaccination in enabling India to reopen its economy and resume normal work, saying, “We need to go about our daily lives, maintain our social lives, open schools and businesses, and take care of our economy; we will be able to do all of this only if we can vaccinate at a rapid pace.”

“With the second wave now receding, now is the optimal time to receive the COVID19 vaccine,” he added. Dr. NK Arora also stressed the importance of public participation and awareness.

“Jan Bhagidari and Jan Jagran are critical for eradicating vaccination fear. At the end of the day, it is up to the public to come forward and get vaccinated “‘He stated.

Additionally, he assured that there would be no vaccine shortage in the country and that the vaccination drive would reach all areas, including hilly, tribal, and sparsely populated areas.

source: ANI

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