3BL App: India’s First Pro Basketball League app launched

The ‘3BL’, India’s first and only FIBA and BFI-recognized professional basketball league, has launched a new app ahead of the league’s third season. The app enables players and referees to register for tryouts in their preferred cities (interested in officiating opportunities).
Casual basketball fans can also download the app and keep track of their favourite teams, players, and results without logging in.
This is India’s first basketball application.

The 3×3 Pro Basketball League, or ‘3BL,’ is India’s only FIBA and BFI-recognized 3×3 pro basketball league. Players and referees can register on the app to attend city-based tryouts for the upcoming 3BL Season 3. Casual fans can also use the app to follow their favourite teams and players. Season 3 tryout dates will be announced in June, taking COVID-related health safety protocols into consideration.

The app is available for Android and iOS devices.

“After two successful seasons, we felt the time was right to further digitise our operations with the launch of our app,” Commissioner – 3BL Rohit Bakshi explained the decision. “We’ve made the app as user-friendly as possible in order to ensure that we receive the maximum number of registrations without incident. This is the first time an app dedicated solely to the Indian basketball community has been launched, and we at 3BL are excited to continue setting numerous firsts.”

Along with the app, 3BL launched its own line of exclusive merchandise earlier this year, which can be purchased through the company’s website. It’s worth noting that Season 2 made history by introducing the 3BL’s first-ever women’s division, comprised of six teams.

The new Season 3 tryout dates will be announced in accordance with current COVID-related health safety protocols. Tryouts will take place in four cities: Chandigarh, Aizawl, Chennai, and Goa.

3BL, the Indian Subcontinent’s 3×3 Pro Basketball League, is a registered trademark of YKBK Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. It fields six women’s teams and twelve men’s teams on the professional level. 3BL holds the exclusive rights to 3×3 basketball in India, which is officially sanctioned and recognised by FIBA, the international basketball federation, and the BFI, the Basketball Federation of India.

3BL is the sole provider of direct access to FIBA 3×3’s international circuit, including Challengers and World Tours, from the Indian Subcontinent.

YKBK Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. is the sole owner of the rights to conduct 3×3 professional basketball leagues in the Indian Subcontinent, which comprises six countries: India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives, and Bhutan. Additionally, it owns the rights to host a 3×3 professional basketball league in South East Asia’s Kingdom of Thailand.

Founded in 2017 by Yoshiya Kato (Chairman, 3BL) and Rohit Bakshi (League Commissioner, 3BL), YKBK’s mission is to grow and promote 3×3 culture and its potential throughout the Indian Subcontinent and South East Asia by organising a Professional Circuit, grassroots programmes, and building indoor 3×3 basketball facilities for the benefit of existing and upcoming players.

3×3 Basketball is the world’s quickest and shortest basketball format. One hoop, a half-court, and six players are all that is required. Outdoor and indoor games can be staged in iconic locations to bring basketball directly to the people. This is a ten-minute game.

The team with the highest score after ten minutes or the first team to score 21 points wins. Not only is 3×3 FIBA’s second official discipline, but it will also be featured at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in 2022, and the Olympics in Paris in 2024.

source: ANI

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