1984 riots victims send legal notice to makers of web series ‘Grahan’

Hotstar Disney+

Victims of the 1984 riots in Delhi and Jharkhand’s Bokaro have filed a lawsuit against HotStar Disney’s web series “Grahan” for allegedly distorting the riots’ narrative in a “deliberate” attempt to hurt the Sikh community’s sentiments.
The Producer of the Web-series Grahan and the CEO of HotStar have been served with legal notice regarding their series Grahan, which is based on the 1984 Sikh riots.

According to the Legal Notice sent from Delhi by their lawyer Harpreet Singh Hora, thousands of Sikh men, women, and children have been butchered in various cities throughout India, and the city of Bokaro has witnessed a traumatic bloodbath during the 1984 riots.

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The victims, Nirpreet Kaur, Satnam Singh Gambhir, and Jasmeet Singh, have demanded an apology and a halt to the show’s release for distorting the narrative to suggest that it was turbaned men/Sikh(s) who committed this act, despite the fact that no such incident in Bokaro has come to light to date, and have forwarded a copy to the National Minorities Commission, DSGMC Minority Cell, and SGPC

Additionally, members of the Sikh community specifically requested that your team refrain from raking up wounds and rubbing salt into them, the notice stated.

The notice stated that the makers attempted to demonstrate that a Turbaned/Sikh man was involved in looting/arson, demonstrating your deliberate attempt to hurt the Sikh community’s sentiments, despite the fact that Gurdwaras were burned, shops/factories and premises owned by Sikh families were destroyed, all of which were not done by Sikhs.

Additionally, it states that this act of fabricating false narratives is clearly aimed at spinning the storey in order to harm the Sikh community and defraud the Bokaro victims, and such acts cannot be tolerated by our clients in any case.

source: ANI

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