Twinkle Khanna answers criticism for insufficient efforts by Akshay Kumar during COVID-19 pandemic.

Actor Twinkle Khanna contributed to the Covid 19 relief work together with husband Akshay Kumar and encouraged others to participate. Recently, however, she and Akshay have been confronted with social media criticization for not doing enough to support those who suffer from the virus.

Surya Pratap Singh, a retired IAS Officer, replied to Twinkle’s tweet, requesting that people go forward and give oxygen concentrators. “Twinkle, your husband Akshay Kumar is one of the country’s largest artists,” said Twitter user. So it would be better to show some kindness and donate with an open heart rather than to ask for donations. This is not the time to request assistance, but it is the time to help.”

Twinkle reacted to this critique and asked the Twitter user to put his energy into helping people in those difficult times rather than spoiling people. She tweeted, “Have donated 100 concentrators toward this cause&in multiple other ways. As I’ve said before,it’s not about me or you but what we can do collectively for those in need. Sad that at this point, instead of pitching in, we expend energy in pulling people down. Stay safe.”

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna recently donated a hundred oxygen concentrators to a charity. “Wonderful news-Dr Drashnika Patel & Dr Govind Bankani of London Elite Health through Daivik Foundation are donating 120 oxygen concentrators and as @akshaykumar and I have managed to get our hands on 100 as well, we have a total of 220. Thank you for the leads. Let’s all do our bit.”

Akshay Kumar was hospitalised after testing positive for coronavirus in April. Twinkle kept us updated on his health after he was released from the hospital and returned home.

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