Trump’s Twitter Account Suspended Again

Trump’s latest suspension on social media has prompted the creation of a new Twitter account on which the content from his website is to be shared.

Twitter revealed that Trump’s personal account will be permanently suspended “due to the possibility of further incitement to violence.” Trump had violated the company’s Glorification of Violence Policy, according to the company. In the wake of the riots, the president was even barred from YouTube and Facebook.

The Facebook oversight board upheld the company’s decision to block Trump on Wednesday. However, it was determined that an indefinite ban was not “appropriate,” and Facebook was given six months to either restore the account or make his suspension permanent. Trump retaliated rapidly. In a quote, he said, “What Facebook, Twitter, and Google have done is a complete shame and an embarrassment to our country.” Social media firms should “pay a political price” for trying to “destroy and decimate our Electoral Process,” according to the former president. 

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