Rajasthan announces lockdown from 10 May


The chief minister Ashok Gehlot declared his campaign after a virtual meeting on Thursday. The man said the policy of a “total lockdown” will be in effect from 5 am on May 10th. Due to the reign of the coronavirus, the state of Rajasthan has imposed a lockdown lasting two weeks from May 10 to 24.

No weddings are to be permitted by the government until May 31st and MNREGA implementation will have to be slowed down in rural areas because of Covid-19

The government has already decided that amounts advanced to book flowers, bands, weddings, or theatre or concert halls for older people should be paid back or applied to other projects in other ways as  government approval is required for all functions related to the wedding to commence on May 31st. 

More details regarding the lockdown and its restrictions :

  • Weddings are okay in courts or in the presence of eleven guests, but not in people’s homes.
  • During the lockout, all religious institutions will be closed.
  • No car, private or public, will be allowed unless it is an emergency vehicle.
  • Goods and services would be allowed to travel between and within states.
  • Travel between districts, cities, and villages within the state would be prohibited.
  • Many travelling from outside the state would need to provide proof of a negative RT-PCR test. The individual will be quarantined for 15 days if there is no negative report.
  • To deter workers from migrating, they will be allowed to work in factories, and special buses will be run for factory/construction site workers.
  • Shops that were allowed to open under the previous guidelines will remain open.
  • Medical departments will issue separate instructions for attendants caring for Covid-19 patients in hospitals.

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