Nikita Yadav Instagram Influencer, “Goes Naked” to spread awareness about masks

Nikita Yadav

In order to spread awareness about wearing masks many Bollywood stars and celebrities have been doing their bit. But it came as a shock when an Instagram Influencer went topless, just to make it sure that people understand the urgency of wearing masks. Well, she had huge backlash regarding the post due to which Nikita removed the topless video from her Instagram profile. But as we know some viewers are eager to spread awareness, recorded the video and did their best too and it got viral lol!.

Many youtubers have shared Nikita’s topless video and getting a lot of attention. Some people will say that it is a publicity stunt just to grab few more thousands of subscribers in cut throat competition among the new influencers.

Nikita’s topless video can be seen both as positive and negative perspective. One may see the real message she wanted to share and ignore the way she used to spread awareness and others will see just the nudity in a video.

Its all about the perspective of the person that sees. There can be a question that “Is this the only way to convey information?” or we can ask ourselves “Would we see the message if Nikita was not naked?”.

Now as she has done it and we can not “unsee” that video, we must appreciate the effort done by her, as from Nikita’s tone of language it is clear that she feels frustrated about the ongoing pandemic trend in the country.

So, lets just focus on the positive and wear mask or “Double Masks” as per her suggestion and do our bit in this effort to save our family, our people and our country “India”.

We hope for your well-being. Wear Masks.