MP chemistry professor kills husband on suspicion of extramarital affair, according to police.

A 63-year-old chemistry professor has been arrested in Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh, for allegedly drugging and electrocuting her husband. Mamta Pathak, a prominent MBBS doctor in the district, was killed over suspicion of an extramarital affair, according to police. The couple had frequent squabbles, and Neeraj had also released a video through his advocate claiming that he was under threat of death and that his wife might kill him someday, according to police.

The incident occurred on April 29, but it was only two days later that Mamta approached the Loknath Puram police station on May 1 to report that her husband had died at their home on April 29. According to the police, Mamta stated in her complaint that she went to check on her husband for dinner around 9 p.m. and found him unconscious, after which she realised his pulse was missing. She claimed, however, that she did not notify the police because her husband had a fever the day before and she planned to take him to the doctor the next day.

According to police, Neeraj was being treated for depression at the time, and Mamata allegedly gave him an extra dose of sleeping pills mixed with his food on April 29. They claimed that after he fell asleep, she electrocuted him with an extension cord in their bedroom. Niteesh, who recently moved in with his father, and Manas, who lives in Los Angeles, are the couple’s two sons. Niteesh, according to police, is mentally unstable. Pankaj, Neeraj’s brother, claimed that the couple had been separated for 11 years, but Mamta only moved back in with him four months ago after Neeraj discussed voluntary retirement as the medical officer of Chhatarpur district hospital.

Pankaj claims Mamta locked his brother inside the washroom three days before his death, forcing him to call the police control room. “In the aftermath of such incidents, we dispatched a police team to their residence. However, no action was taken because they refused to file a complaint,” Jain explained. However, according to Neeraj’s family, he attempted to speak with the Chhatarpur SP about the matter but was unable to get an appointment, and no FIR was filed despite his calls to the control room.