Google Support Gets Help From Man Seeking “The Help”


Whenever you call customer service with a problem, you may well find yourself talking to the representative having the same problem. And, after a while of trying, you manage to save the day for both yourself and the business representative. Is it possible to have too much? Mike Rose, the founder of the gaming label No More Robots, was recently kicked out of his personal account due to “suspicious activity” When Rose contacted Google Support, a Google Workspace support manager, Daniel, told her that he couldn’t help her because it was a “personal” account, not a “workspace,” and suggested she post on the Google forum.

During the conversation he posted to Twitter, Rose stated that he needed access to his account in order to respond, which implied that it would take years for him to appear in the image on screen. Daniel had recently been shut out of his own Twitter account, so there was nothing he could do about it.

Some people found the interaction between Rose and Daniel amusing, but others expressed were surprised that Google couldn’t log in to her Twitter account.

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