Google Photos will end free uploads in three weeks: What you need to know


In just three weeks, Google Photos will discontinue free high-quality uploads. In November 2020, Google announced its new unlimited high-quality storage policy. Beginning June 1, 2021, all “High-quality” images and videos uploaded to Google Photos will be counted against your Google Drive storage limit. So, what does this all mean? We attempted to answer all of your questions in order to help you understand Google’s new storage policy.

Beginning June 1, 2021, photos and videos uploaded to the Google Photos app will be counted toward the free 15GB storage provided with every Google account. Google allows you to upload any photo or video in three sizes: original, high, and express.

Those who have chosen “Original quality” and are already paying for Google One storage should not be concerned because the new storage policy only affects those who prefer the free unlimited uploads feature. The “High quality” and “Express” options allow you to save an unlimited number of photos at a slightly lower quality. The “High quality” option reduces images to 16MP and videos to HD, whereas the “Express” option reduces photos to 3MP and videos to standard definition.

Google will discontinue this unlimited free storage option on June 1, and all photos and videos will be counted against your Google Account storage. When the provided 15GB storage space is depleted, you will have to either purchase the Google One subscription for additional storage or delete some photos to make room. It is worth noting that, according to Google, all existing high-quality content will be exempt from storage quotas. This means that if you upload any high-quality photos or videos before June 1, 2021, they will not be counted toward your Google account storage.

Simply launch the Google Photos app and navigate to the settings section by tapping on the profile icon in the top right corner of the screen.

The app displays how much storage you have used up to this point in the Account Storage section. When you tap on Account storage again, you’ll see an Upload size section at the bottom of the screen.

Google can even estimate how long your storage will last based on how frequently you back up content to your Google Account.

Google Photos Product Lead David Lieb explained on Twitter in November 2020 that the storage policy needs to be changed because free backups are costing the company a lot of money. It is a necessary step to “align the primary cost” of providing free service while accepting the “primary value” of online storage.

According to Google, “each week, over 1 billion people back up a staggering 28 billion photos to Google Photos.” We are making this change in order to welcome even more of your memories and to plan for the future.”

Google One’s basic subscription provides 100GB of storage space for Rs 130 per month or Rs 1,300 per year. You get a lot of storage space for this price, which you can even share with your family. You will have to pay Rs 210 per month or Rs 2,100 per year for 200GB of storage space. Google One costs Rs 650 per month and Rs 6,500 per year in India for 2TB. The monthly fee for 10TB is Rs 3,250.

You can find the best Google Photos alternatives right here. There’s also the India-based DigiBoxx, which offers 20GB of free cloud storage and 100GB of storage space per month for Rs 30. Degoo is another option. It provides 100GB of free cloud storage, but there are advertisements. This cloud storage service also offers a 500GB storage plan with no ads for $2.99 per month (around Rs 220 in India.)