‘Faactory’ Faissal Khan’s directorial debut generating a lot of buzz


‘Faactory,’ Faissal Khan’s directorial debut, is generating a lot of hype. The thriller’s producers just released the film’s trailer, which has further increased anticipation for the film’s premiere. The trailer immediately draws you in and takes you on a trip of twists and turns.

A journey through love and vengeance for three people. The teaser promises nothing less than a nail-biting thriller. At every turn, the film piques our interest and makes us more excited to see the film, which will undoubtedly mark Faissal Khan’s directorial debut.


The film will debut Roaleey Ryan opposite Faissal. The film also stars Raj Kumar Kanojia, Ribbhu Mehra, Sharad Singh, and Asha Singh. ‘Faactory’ will be launched in India on 3rd September 2021 by M&S Films Production in partnership with Entertainment Films LLP, Flamingo Films, and Gauri Films.

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Maryam, Salim Babu Ibrahim, Sharad Singh, and Safaraz Shariff produced the film. Faissal Khan, Amit Gupta, and Maryam wrote the story/screenplay/dialogue. Salim Sen, Aslam Keyi, and Bubbles Music composed the music, while Shadab Akthar, Jamil Ahmed, Shabeer Kashmiri, Asrar Ansari, and Naeem wrote the lyrics.

Shekhar Singh composed the score, Jayant Haldar re-recorded and mixed it, Ravi Utwal designed the sound design, Akshay Bragta is the Executive Producer, Maryam casts, Sunil Yadav edits, and Mohsin Khan Pathan cinematographs. Lolly Pop & Sudama Minz created the choreography, BT Digital Studio created the visual effects, Sandeep Sonawane created the DI colorist, Rohit Pal created the visual promotions, Designers Corner created the publicity designs, and Maryam created the costume design.


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