Amazon Prime Video announces new stand-up acts

Amazon Funnies: Stand Up Shorts
Amazon Funnies: Stand Up Shorts

Shreeja Chaturvedi, Shankar Chugani, Ramya Ramapriya, and Aadar Malik, all popular comedians, are gearing up to tickle the audience’s funny bone with their new stand-up routines on Amazon Prime Video.

The special series, titled ‘Amazon Funnies: Stand Up Shorts,’ will comprise back-to-back fifteen-minute stand-up sets by the aforementioned artists.

According to a statement, the one-hour special will begin with a delightful comedic performance by Shreeja Chaturvedi, a contestant on ‘Comicstaan-Season 2’ who will attempt to make viewers laugh with some amusing anecdotes from her time spent in various locations around India.

Shankar Chugani, another comic, will continue the joyride. ‘selling myself short’ is the title of his future act. The humour will then continue with a lighthearted performance by Ramya Ramapriya. Her performance is a hilarious depiction of her ‘lack of excitement,’ as described in anecdotes that will have you laughing throughout her stand-up routine.

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The narrative of laughing will conclude with Aadar Malik, who recently demonstrated his comic chops in ‘LOL: Hasse Toh Phasse’.

Shankar Chugani expressed excitement over his performance, saying, “My means of subsistence is via comedy. I am eternally grateful to the streaming giant for providing me with the ideal platform to uplift viewers worldwide. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to perform live, and I’d like to express my gratitude to Amazon Prime Video for providing me with this fantastic opportunity.”

Aadar’s forthcoming act is dedicated to his grandma.

“I enjoy what I do, and this set is very meaningful to me because it is dedicated to my grandmother, who will always be one of the most remarkable women in my life. I’m confident that the audience will find the act really relatable and will howl with laughter. Comedy is a popular genre on Amazon Prime Video, and I’m delighted to have this opportunity to entertain and amuse the audience “‘He stated.

On August 26, Amazon will offer ‘Amazon Funnies: Stand Up Shorts.’


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