Who is Raj Kundra?

Raj Kundra

Raj Kundra is an Indian businessman based in the United Kingdom. In 2004, Success magazine ranked him as the 198th wealthiest British Asian.

When he was a child, his father, Bal Krishan Kundra, was a middle-class businessman, and his mother, Usha Rani Kundra, worked as a shop assistant. Kundra has invested in a variety of industries, including cricket and mixed martial arts. He has been married to Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty since 2009.

Raj Kundra’s father was a Punjabi who moved from Bathinda to London and worked as a bus conductor before starting his own small business. His mother worked in a store as a clerk.


Kundra was born and raised in the British capital. Kundra moved to Dubai and later Nepal at the age of 18 and established a business selling pashmina shawls to fashion retailers in the United Kingdom, earning his first million. He relocated to Dubai in 2007 and established Essential General Trading LLC, a company that specialises in precious metals, construction, mining, and renewable energy projects. He was also involved in the financing and production of Bollywood films during this time period.

Kundra was previously married to Kavita Kundra, with whom he had a daughter. Later in life, the couple divorced.

Kundra married Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty on 22 November 2009. Kundra and Shetty have a son, born on 21 May 2012, and a daughter, due 15 February 2020 via surrogacy.


Raj Kundra is affiliated with Essential Sports and Media, a production and distribution company, and Iconic Investments, a private equity fund. Among his other ventures are Satyug Gold, Super Fight League, and, most recently, Bastian Hospitality, a Mumbai restaurant chain.

In 2015, Kundra was one of the promoters of Best Deal TV, an Indian television home shopping channel that capitalises on celebrity endorsements. Akshay Kumar, a Bollywood actor, was his co-promoter.

Kundra is set to launch India’s first live streaming social media app, Jaldi Live Stream App, as part of the government of India’s Startup India initiative. The app will allow both professional and amateur streamers to live stream their content.

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