Lexus India launched the new ES 300h luxury sedan ‘Made In India’


Lexus India, a luxury automobile manufacturer, launched the new ES 300h executive sedan today.

The model is renowned for its exquisite design, legendary silence, class-leading craftsmanship, and self-charging hybrid electric technology.

The new ES 300h will have enhancements that bolster these attributes even further, boosting the car’s design, drive feel, and responsiveness to deliver the legendary Lexus experience.

The ES, which was launched in India in 2017 and globally in 1989, has been a staple model in the Lexus lineup, with cumulative global sales of nearly 2.65 million vehicles across more than 80 countries and territories.

Lexus India announced the ES 300h’s local manufacturing in 2020, making it the brand’s first ‘Made in India’ car and demonstrating the brand’s commitment to the Indian market. The new ES 300h will likewise be manufactured locally, carrying on the history.
Earlier this year, Lexus India announced an increase of the hybrid battery warranty for its whole lineup of Hybrid Electric Vehicles from five to eight years, in order to improve visitors’ peace of mind and the Lexus ownership experience. Additionally, the new ES 300h will come with an unrivalled 8-year hybrid battery warranty and will be driven by the same hybrid technology that won four consecutive titles from 2018 to 2021 at the world’s oldest active endurance racing event, the ’24 Hours of Le Mans racing’.

Tetsuya Aoki, Chief Engineer of Lexus International: “Our objective was to bolster the ES’s already exceptional quality and to provide new value. Along with further enhancing quietness and ride comfort, we sought linearity in vehicle movement in response to steering wheel operation that is true to the driver’s intentions. In terms of style, we enhanced the ES’s inherent elegance and introduced a new modernism. To meet visitor expectations during development, we discovered elements that might be enhanced and meticulously completed each detail. I’d like customers to experience, while driving the ES, the development team’s views, which are firmly rooted in the concept of ‘Always On,’ with the goal of always improving cars.”

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P.B Venugopal, President, Lexus India, added, “We are overjoyed to announce the launch of the latest Lexus ES 300h in India. We are delighted to announce that the ES 300h has been our most successful model, and we feel that the new ES 300h will continue to enchant guests with its unsurpassed silence, hybrid technology, attractive design, and unmatched craftsmanship. As a brand dedicated to delivering incredible experiences to its guests, we are committed to developing new products equipped with innovative technologies that benefit our guests and contribute to a joyful Lexus ownership experience. We are convinced that, with the addition of technology and features, the ES 300h will remain the preferred option of our discerning guests and will further expand its position in the luxury executive sedan sector.”

The ES 300h Exquisite variant is priced at INR 56,65,000 ex-showroom New Delhi, while the ES 300h Luxury model is priced at INR 61,85,000.

Lexus Leasing program
To further simplify the experience of driving a Lexus, the brand announced a new corporate leasing facility in partnership with Kinto of Lexus Financial Services, as part of Lexus Life, the brand’s exclusive ownership programme focused on providing incredible experiences throughout a Lexus guest’s usage journey.

Lexus leasing enables corporations and companies to provide their top executives with an incredible Lexus experience. This will allow guests to avoid the headaches associated with purchasing and maintaining a car while still enjoying all of the perks associated with Lexus ownership. The new leasing programme will feature the ES 300h sedan and the NX 300h SUV. The program’s benefits include no down payment, an inflation-proof fixed monthly rental for on-road costs, insurance, and maintenance for the duration of the lease, an attractive tax savings opportunity, flexibility in terms of mileage and tenure, an all-inclusive fleet management service that includes all periodic maintenance, general repairs, accident and theft management, and 24×7 roadside assistance, as well as optional services such as pick-up and drop-off and a replacement car. All of these services will be provided at no additional cost.

More about the new ES 300h

Improved quietness and ride quality and an evolved driving performance
The new ES improves on the ES’s excellent quietness and ride comfort, while also refining its already high-quality overall comfort. As evidenced by the car’s seamless relationship between deceleration, steering, and acceleration in any driving scenario, development focused on a linear response that is loyal to the driver’s wishes, a Lexus goal that has remained constant.

Higher-rigidity rear suspension braces
The transition from a single sheet to a dual sheet structure results in an increase in stiffness. Torsional and lateral rigidity have been increased to improve ride comfort and to create a more linear and realistic driving sensation, even during high-speed lane changes.

Improved brake controllability
For hybrid versions, brake controllability improved by changing the control constants of the electronically controlled braking system.

The contact area for the driver’s foot expanded by changing the shape of the brake pedal pad, improving the sense of stability when the brake pedal is depressed.

The sense of lateral rigidity in the brake pedal has been enhanced by improving the mounting method for the internal bushing of the brake pedal link configuration.


Newly designed front grille

While preserving the ES’s recognizable identity, the grille has been done in a mesh pattern consisting of an ensemble of L-shaped components that emphasize lateral flow. Its emphasized forward extrusion heightens the sense of quality.

Newly designed headlamps
The newly designed Headlamp is made slimmer to give a much sharper and refined look, creating a striking illumination when lit.

Newly designed wheels
The 18-inch alloy wheel includes two tone color schemes combining a machined finish with dark grey metallic coating.
Combination of a machined finish and mesh type spokes promote sporty and luxury wheels

New exterior colors
Two colors available for the first time on the ES are Sonic Iridium, which takes advantage of strong shadows to further accentuate the shape of the vehicle, and Sonic Chrome, which exhibits a metallic quality in a high-gloss finish.

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Multimedia system

A touch display has been added to the multimedia system. According to Lexus’s human-centered design philosophy, the optimal distance and angle between the driver and the newly adopted touch display were determined, and the display was moved closer to the driver by more than 100 mm and tilted approximately five degrees, bringing even the screen’s outlying corners within easy reach of the driver.

The display’s screen uses glass for improved visibility and operability.


Walnut (open finish / brown) – Classic luxury walnut with an open pore finish. The essential woodgrain texture expressed a natural feel.

Globally, Lexus has created a niche in the world of luxury lifestyle vehicles, specifically as a leading manufacturer of self-charging hybrid electric vehicles. Lexus in India has consciously built a range of self-charging Hybrid electric vehicle portfolio showcasing its commitment towards the environment and society by constantly trying to craft a better tomorrow. One way this is seen is through the brand’s tree-planting initiative which attempts to make all Lexus owners carbon neutral by planting a number of trees for each car sold. The current range of vehicles include, LX 570, LC 500h , LS 500h, RX 450hL, NX 300h and ES, 300h.


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